Donation Forms for Fees and Subscriptions!

The NetGive Donation Form gives you the ability to collect Tuition Fees, Membership Fees, Subscriptions or other Fees and payments that your organization requires.


You will get a fully-customizable form that you can use to collect one-time payments or use for Recurring Payments!

Create Auction

Choose your auction type you want to start running: Online, Mobile or Silent.

Launch Auction

Launch your auction & manage everything from one place.

Collect Money

Start collecting online payments for items during your auction.

Why Netgive?

No coding experience, easy to use.

Affordable for any budget.

Credit card processing made simple.

Full access to manage everything.

Dedicated team to ensure your success.

Trusted by hundreds of clients.

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We created NETGIVE because we wanted to make an easy to use donation-auction platform that everyone could use with limited technology experience. It's easy. It's affordable. It works. 





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